A Handy Solution For Beautiful Hands

Solution For Beautiful Hands

Beautiful Hands

Handy solution for your beautiful hands is very effective for healhy skin before getting rid of dust and grime in your house, make sure your hands don’t take a beating in the process.[ads1]

Give your hands the care and attention they deserve by following these tips:

1 Lock in the Moisturehand beauty fir

Applying moisturizer to damp skin immediately after a shower or bath allows skin to seal in the moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that’s effective and safe for sensitive skin, and free of potentially irritating fragrances or dyes.

2 Guard Against Harsh Chemicalshand beauty sec

Exposure to chemicals and detergents in household cleaning products can take a toll on hands and dry out and irritate sensitive skin. Look for gloves that are designed to keep hands looking their best. “Playtex Living Gloves have multiple layers of neoprene to provide superior protection, versus ordinary latex gloves, from the harsh chemicals found in common household cleaning products,” says Joe Hourihan, a vice president of research and development at Playtex Products, Inc. Get into the habit of wearing gloves every time you clean.

3 Fight Bacteria and Germshand beauty three

Hourihan says Playtex Living Gloves have Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial protection to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The gloves also provide excellent hot-water protection.

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