Anshuman met real policemen to prep for ‘Blademan’

“Midnight Delhi”, directed by Rakesh Rawat, is a real life crime story of the notorious Delhi serial killer, who went on a rampage by using disposed surgical blades to attack innocent women and was later arrested for his crimes.

For the role, Anshuman flew to the national capital to meet some Delhi Police officers who were associated with the case.

Other than researching for the role over the Internet, Anshuman wanted to have first hand information to understand the behaviour and body language of the character.

He said in a statement: “Just like the psycho serial killer in (mini series) ‘Abhay’ was well sketched by Ken Ghosh and Charit (writer), Pradeep in ‘Midnight Delhi’ is very well layered. All the research that I did, including speaking to the Delhi police officials and reading, researching about him, helps with the facts.

“But eventually an actor’s imagination is one’s biggest tool. Playing bad is a lot more fun as an artist because you get to imagine more.”

Anshuman was recently seen in “No Fathers In Kashmir”.


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