Beauty Tips For The Bride

All your features in such a manner that none overpowers the other:-


Have you grimaced at the sight of foundation lines seen on other brides’ faces? Have you wondered how you can prevent this from happening to you? Great, because we have the answer! Unblemished and perfectly made up face require a perfectly matching foundation.

 The foundation needs to blend into your skin, easily, and give you an even and clean surface to work on. Next important thing is to pick a foundation that is specially formulated for your skin type. Mix a little concealer with your foundation to ensure it blends smoothly and evenly in your skin.

So keep your powder box at hand, if possible, through the ceremony day. Remember to use it just before you get your pictures.


Best colors for eyes include muted and neutral colors that compliment the color of your dress, accessories, and lip color. Don’t use too much glitter, though a light shimmer along your cheekbones can enhance your appearance. Finish up the eye makeup with a dash of waterproof eye liner and waterproof mascara. You can also use false eyelashes if you want to.


Lip color forms an important part of your bride look. Practice wearing the lipstick a few time before the wedding day to get comfortable.

A touch of gloss and make your lips look fuller and enhance your lipstick color as well.

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