Funny Things happen Before Joining a Gym for Beginners

Different people have a different reason to join the gym

These all reasons are very funny Before joining a gym for beginners be like many people watch videos about a celebrity they also want to become a bodybuilder or want to have a fit body.

As all of them have dreams to become like an Arnold Schwarzenegger or maybe Amanda Cerny, Spana Vyas Patel etc. 

Joining a gym for beginners is tough enough to stay in the gym these all reasons are very funny to happen mostly with all of us:-

1. Asking Gym Trainer can you help me how to do this:-

Gym trainer is hot and fits then why not ask him some people just want to be here and there to help him some be like try to flirting then common.

2. Someone want to lose weight

Especially the most commented comment of this type of person is that ”the weight gaining is so easy if I want to gain weight within few months I get weight gain as much as I want” they are just saying to the person who wants to gain weight, haha that so funny. The hardworking for both types of people are a similar dude. Sapna Vyas PatelSpana Vyas Patel Coach Spana

3. For girls, Competition in the gym (Competition in female friendships)

Whether it’s a shopping mall or it’s a gym. Girl’s always competing with each other to have better than her.

Friends flexing muscles in health club — Image by © JGI

4. Before Join Gym Eat Much More

The fatty Person special Comment:-  Hey From Tomorrow I can’t Eat Even Single Peace of sweets (Confectionery)  Let’s Go to the sweets shop and then he eat lot’s of sweets in the shop as like the sweets are last no more after that about it.  Joining a gym for beginners it tough they can’t control to stop these all stuff.

5. Not Having any Idea How To Use Gym Equipment

Many of them have no idea how to use proper equipment’s that’s common for newcomers but some are an expert’s who already read about it or watch videos about it then see make fun of newcomers some cheap one just ignore them ask the instructor for any help. Ya But Some are a good one they help us motivate us to do better.

6. Girl Want to Have Good Shape Of Butt

Baddha Konasana – A Great Asana For Hip And Groin

7. Someone want to gain weight

So this stage in which most of the people wanna join the gym to gain weight with the transformation from  skinny to muscular body

8. Someone want to make a bodybuilding

However, BodyBuilding is Must they see all youtube videos about exercises. Know each and everything about it from which exercise which part of the body become good

9. Want to have six- pack

I want to have a six-pack to be like famous personalities or have to impress any girl and say oh yeah I have six pack do you wanna touch him or be like a celebrity and make a video like that.

But As we think that six-pack we make easily that not as much easy as we think. Firstly we have to do lots of hard work for getting abs we have good shape six-abs.

10. Someone want to reduce stomach

They indirectly saying to reduce weight but the way they say “I have to go to the gym until my stomach reduces the gym is enough for me until my stomach reduces “ haha lol!

11. Have a friend who has good body want to have like that type of body

In the group of friend circle want to be like that other that’s a human nature we have to be like other

12. Only for running in a treadmill

I have to go to the gym they reach the gym and do and suddenly see that there is no gym like oh gosh there is no treadmill oh but what to do have to go or not oh and than already talk to gym trainer that is her friend relative haha he also not to go but now have to go the trainer say ya everything happen right don’t worry I make your tummy (stomach) reduce make your body good looking if you follow my instruction properly.

13. Want to go with friend’s and join the gym

Friend:- Hey Are You joining with us gym Rahul and Shashank also going with us from Monday

Me:- oh yeah but what’s the time

Friend:- Early morning 5’0 clock

Me:-  (I have to go or not go or not) Ok I am ready to go and make the fit body.

Friend:- Ok let’s go From Monday 

14. Special Day Of My Life to be Getting married want to look slim Fit In the special Day Everyone wants to look good and fit in there special day

For Girls:- Marriage is motivation and so most women exercise and eat very little. Walk with friends or especially with mom I want to be slim they control their diet they want to look slim before the marriage

Image by Takmeomeo on Pixabay

For Boys:- Apna Kya Hai Sab Chalta Hai (No That’s Not true ) The Man Also Want to be fit they join a gym do workout be fit to stay healthy before Marriage They also want to look good.

15. Want to have a curve

Especially Girl wants to have a curvy body. The gym is perfect to get curve shape body

16.LECHEROUS (Tharki) Always be There

Some people be like Think like hey you know that girl who lives in the 18th floor has joined this gym that one who’s the body is perfect fit good looking gorgeous one coming in this gym. Let’s join the gym or maybe hey in this gym has so many girls coming for this workout.

17. Wanna join a gym which is common for both men and women

They both have the same time for their workout may want to prefer firstly that type gym

18. Some cool People

Just come for gyming serious in their lifestyle to build better and healthy life by making their body fit good looking always get motivated by yourself do regular gymming exercise and their timing is perfect there is no interest on other what they are doing or not just doing own work.

19. Helping People On Gym

Actually, this type of guys have so much of knowledge but all knowledge is wrong even enough wrong they always suggest other ” hey you are doing wrong I tell you to, see me how this exercise is done, if you do this then your body muscle being in the proper shape” they are actually free adviser haha

20. Hey I can’t Join Gym 

My time schedule is very busy I don’t have enough time to join the gym I am already fit.

Actually Joining a gym for beginners is really difficult but you motivate by yourself and have guts to do it then it makes you stay fit and healthy life.

Thank you, Comment below it happens with you also. Share if you like it subscribe to our Liffyworld stay tuned.


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